Fireplace Design Ideas

5 Great ideas to make the most of your fireplace

November 26, 2019

A fireplace is a great addition to your living room. Not only does it act as a source of heating in the house but also as a key focal point in the room. Here are some ways you can really make the most of your fireplace.

1. Combine the past with the current

Many people have an image of a fireplace that is classic and ornate in style. But while a classic British fireplace may be what you’re used to, there’s nothing to prevent you from incorporating it into a more modern environment. Alternatively, you could incorporate a sleek modern fireplace into a room which channels natural, rustic design. The contrast in themes will make a striking impact on your guests.

2. Decorate the mantel

As the focal point of your room, a fireplace gives you the chance to display your most treasured possessions as well as give an insight into your design tastes. To add to its overall appearance, why not add shelving above your fireplace in the form of a mantlepiece? Here you can place your best candles, vases, antiques, paintings, or books. For some extra interest, wind fairy lights or wrap a floral garland across it. 

3. Blend your decor with your fireplace

You may wish to match the specific colour of your fireplace with that of your walls and other furniture to create a unified theme. For example, a dark brown fireplace and sofa goes well with rustic or antique wooden furniture.

4. Go vibrant

Alternatively, consider making your fireplace a statement piece by painting it in a brightly coloured and contrasting tone, such as vivid pink, yellow or blue. You could even add stencil designs down the pillars for a unique touch.

5. Look after your fireplace

It’s not just about how it looks, to make the most of your fireplace you need to take care of it. Damp wood produces an excess of smoke, so store your wood for some time to ensure it dries first before use. You can also source it from a nearby wood distributor. You should also make sure you’re cleaning the fireplace regularly, to ensure your chimney and your home aren’t full of soot. Ensure you clear the ashes after every use to improve its appearance and reduce smoke, and also have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. Ready to make your house a home with the addition of a fireplace? Contact us on 017930 640 485, or fill in our online contact form.

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